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Creating safe drivers 
Serving Williams Lake and the Cariboo, BC
In class "Theory"
Behind the wheel "Practical"
Defensive driving, Rules of the road, Impaired driving and much more... 
Learn the `Rules of the road` and put all driving theory into place in a safe, fun environment. 
  1. Suzie Barker
    ``Great teaching style. I really felt like I was learning while having fun`` Williams Lake, BC
  2. Angella D
    ``Great class. Im usually really shy but I felt really comfortable asking questions``. Williams Lake, BC
  3. Henry Jacston
    "The drinking and driving lessons were a real eye opener. im NEVER gonna drink and drive!! Williams Lake, BC
How do we create safe drivers....
The Fourwinds Driving Program is designed to develop confidence, independence along with safe & defensive driving habits. 

All aspects of the program are very Interesting and informative. All topics covered are easy to understand and will appeal to students of all ages

Taught  in the city of Williams Lake BC, using the most up-to-date  teaching and visual aids available.

In-car instruction conducted in late model, dual-controlled vehicle equipped with automatic transmission. The following is some of the services Fourwinds provides : 
  • Coming Soon - Graduated Licensing Program (GLP)
  • Defensive Driver Training
  • One-On-One Lessons
  • Convenient Class Program
  • ​Learners permit program
  • Class 6 motorcycle
  • Road safety planning 10
  • Roadsence kids- Walk smart, bike safe program. 
  1. Kerry Chelsea
    Kerry Chelsea
  2. Kerry Chelsea
    Kerry Chelsea
  1. One on One
    This program gives the student direct instruction time. The instructor retains a file on the student and works on driving techniques that helps create safe drivers. All lessons are done in a top of the line, safe, Government inspected vehicle fully equiped with : - Student driver signs - Passenger side brake pedal - Instructor mirrors
  2. Learners permit program
    In Class "Theory" program that can assist student's achieve a learners permit. This program is aimed towards preparing students for their writen exam. It is not uncommon for student to struggle in preperation for their writen exam. This program provides students with a healthy class environment.
  3. Coming Soon Graduated Licensing Program
    By going through graduated licensing (GLP), you'll learn the skills and attitudes that will help you become a safe and confident driver. You'll ease into driving in a less risky way—first with a qualified supervisor, then on your own. You will also earn 6 months off your Novice license tern and 2 high school credits.
  4. Now Available Class 6 certification
    Always wanted a motorcycle license but.... Join the Fourwinds driving School's class 6 program. Full course starting this May(2019) Includes the following - Motorcycle theory - Closed circuit MST training - Road training
  5. Roadsence Kids
    Teach your child to be a safe pedestrian. It's never too early to teach your child to be street smart. All it takes is a little time—time to prepare, plan and teach your child how to be safe on the road.
  6. Road Safety, Planning 10
    Students analyze individual and societal practices associated with road-related risk reduction and injury prevention (for example, obeying speed limits, wearing seatbelts, and driver education). This program is idea for ages 10-16.
  7. Winter Driving Program
    This half-day, Winter Driving safety course teaches participants some of the most common driver response skills necessary to handle typical winter road emergencies. This course is designed for ALL drivers and will take you well beyond the defensive driver training that other courses offer to the highest level of safe driving.
Fourwinds Commercials
  1. Class 5
    What were all about
  2. Road Training
    What we can offer
  3. Drinking and Driving
    Being responsible
  4. Motorcycle
    Safety in ridding
  5. Business model
  6. Benifits of a license
Fourwinds Commercials
  1. Driving tips
    Stay Safe
  2. Learner's Program, upcoming dates
    Learner's Program Course Dates
  3. Program information
    Class 4,5,6 and 7
  4. safety tips
    Keep safe out there
  5. Licensed Happiness
    Freedom + Fun + safety = Happiness
  6. Driving tips
    Safety always comes first
  7. Motorcycle fun!
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  1. One on One hourly lessons
    $60.00 + taxes
    These lessons are priced as follows : $60.00 per lesson (1 hour) $100.00 for 2 lessons (2 hours) $250.00 for 5 lessons (5 hours)
  2. Learners Permit Program
    $275.00 per student + taxes
    This program will provide students with 12 hours of comprehensive, easy to follow in class sessions. The goal of this class is to prepare students for the writen learners permit test.
  3. Graduated License Program
    $800.00 per student +taxes
    By successfully completing this ICBC approved driving course, you are eligible to receive: A 6 month reduction in the novice stage of the Graduated Licensing Program (GLP) 2 High School Credits
  4. Roadsense Kids
    500.00 plus taxes
    Walk smart, bike safe program. Afternoon Program
  5. Motorcycle, class 6
    $60,00 - $80.00 +taxes
    $60,00 per lesson with your own bike $80,00 per lesson using a Fourwinds Driving School bike.
  6. Road Safety Planning 10
    500.00 +taxes
    Focuses on road safety, road responsibility, impairment and consequences. Afternoon program.
  7. Winter Driving Program
    $100.00 +taxes
    Skid control, emergency situations, Emergency bundle, and much more.


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